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Light Industrial and a Gas Station in Crozet?

A spirited crowd of Crozet residents was on hand at a public forum Thursday to challenge the notion that western Albemarle is a prime location for expanded industrial development. The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has asked for consideration of a new light industrial business park in the Crozet Master Plan’s first five-year update.

“We’ve been waiting for this meeting and don’t know if the Board of Supervisors has already made a preliminary decision or not,” said Meg West, a Crozet resident for over 25 years who is opposed to the new park.

…At its meeting Monday, the ARB told the applicant’s representative, Jo Higgins , that the Re-Store’n Station plan had not improved enough over the past year and still had a negative impact on the adjacent neighborhood and historic area of Free Town.

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