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Divorced commissions come to Charlottesville!

I’ve been writing about Divorcing the Commissions for quite some time now, not quite as eloquently as Greg, but vehement in my advocacy nonetheless.For the first time in the Charlottesville area, I saw this in the agent’s remarks in an MLS listing today: a Realtor is not offering a Buyer-Broker commission; the Buyer is responsible for paying their Buyer Agent, and the Seller is responsible for paying the Seller’s agent.  Makes sense, no?This is the listing, but the link will expire in ten days; here’s a PDF.I can’t wait to hear what other (local) Realtors’ response to this news.Update 03/08/2008: Rather than poke anyone in the eye, I have edited this post from the original.  In the original, I quoted from the “agents’ remarks.”

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