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Do Realtors have a Board of Ethics?

The Code sets forth a REALTOR’S® obligations to their clients and customers, to the members of the public and to one another.Local associations of REALTORS® are responsible for enforcing the REALTORS® Code of Ethics.  The Code of Ethics imposes duties above and in addition to those imposed by law or regulation which apply only to real estate professionals who choose to become REALTORS®.The Realtor Code of Ethics is here, and it’s nine pages long. Start at the Virginia Association of Realtors site.  I’d link to our local association’s site, but it’s an abomination – and it has the 2007 Code of Ethics rather than 2008’s version.I have never sat on an Ethics Grievance Committee, but as a member of the local Realtor Board of Directors, I have seen the results of several hearings.  I generally think that we’re too easy on ourselves.Maybe as part of the National Association of Realtors’ Ethics campaign, we should also highlight enforcement measures.

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