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End of year Realtor stats for the Charlottesville area

Here is my prediction, spun two ways -15% of Realtors will choose not to renew their licenses.or85% of Charlottesville Realtors choose to persevere through 2008.(I’m planning and planning to be one of them)On January 3 2008, looking back at 2007:- 168 Realtors had at least 10 transactions.- 190 Realtors had at least 5 sides.- 183 had only one side.- Approximately 400 had zero transactions in 2007 (about 800 had at least one).January 7 2007:228 had at least 10 transactions.407 had at least 5 transactions, or sides.About 350 had zero transactions in 2006.January 4 2006:873 Realtors in the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors had at least one “side” in 2005.501 had at least 5 sides. Of the top 10 agents, 6 of those 10 sold primarily condo conversions or new construction.**If one were to take out the agents that did primarily new construction or condo conversions, the numbers would be much different – the top 6 agents actually fall into this group.The numbers of Realtors in the Charlottesville area is certain to decline in 2008. One simply cannot make a living on so few transactions per year.

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