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FHA Loan limits’ increase potential impact on the Charlottesville market

Then, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will have 30 days to provide the official loan limits for lenders to use.Will it help?Using very rough calculations from sources at HUD, CAAR and lenders I work with, the increases could range from the current limit in the Charlottesville MSA of $323,000 up to $387,500 in Charlottesville and Nelson.  More likely, it seems, the overall MSA, including the City, Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna and Nelson will see an increase to something less than $340,000, unless lenders specifically apply for increases above the MSA limit….  Maybe.How could this help?With tighter credit standards from both Freddie and Fannie and the lenders’ own portfolio products, borrowers may need the credit standards that FHA allows….  Over Supply: the situation where there is more inventory than there are available buyers when considering prevailing prices and market conditions.Note that this definition addresses the prices within the market.

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