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Google’s speedy indexing of pages not always a good thing

The problem is that you can’t rank a page that has just been created because it has no backlinks so Google artificially inflates the rankings of the recently-created pages based on historical data and the few backlinks that are detected.And this one:And to think…all you had to do was comment on this blogger / REALTOR’s post and you could have actually ENHANCED your online reputation….  Google stuffed this post into the #2 spot for that search (Todd Kaufman assessor) – 11 minutes after I posted it…From Merv:The public wants transparency in this industry that has been missing since dirt.  Real estate Bloggers are bringing transparency and consumers love it.The unnamed government official is making a name for himself that he really doesn’t want (actually, his name is all over the planet)….  This is going to be a watershed debate.This all hit the proverbial fan on 29 December; Jay has a great recap.English posts that contain “todd Kaufman” per day for the last 30 days.I wonder when there will be either true main stream media coverage or an official response.

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