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Greene County Townhome Inventory to increase by 500+

When Greene County gets its 500+ townhomes, it will increase the number of attached housing in that county by many orders of magnitude. Townhomes in Northern Albemarle – Hollymead, Forest Lakes, Abington Place, Riverwood will be impacted by the entrance – and prospective entrance – of these homes to the real estate market.

For context, a quick look at the Charlottesville Area MLS shows that:

Over the past 21 years (in the MLS which is “accurate enough” for these purposes:

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C-Ville looks at NGIC and DIA

In just over 4,000 words, he provides one of the best, most insightful analyses I’ve read. ( and gets a few swipes in at the DP) But military intelligence isn’t likely to improve our quality of life in the way UVA does. … With the DIA relocation, some people will clearly win: a few locals who successfully switch careers; qualified UVA students who want to stick around after graduation; engineers and analysts who want to resettle near an idyllic college town; the UVA research park and University employees who teach classes needed for military intelligence; developers with land near NGIC—most especially Wendell Wood and his heirs, who stand to keep selling land to the U.S. government as long as Rivanna Station keeps needing it.

…But understand that obtaining a new clearance, probably higher than TS, for most of the professional jobs at NGIC will be a long process (12 to 18 months), and site security policy may not allow personnel into the building until a clearance is finally granted.

In that case, two issues apply. #1, even if it takes 2-4 months and several thousand dollars to relocate, a pre-cleared person from DC or straight out of the uniformed services can come on much faster than Sara’s fresh, uncleared UVa graduate. #2, assuming that fresh, uncleared Hoo gets hired, what’s s/he going to do for the next 12-18 months while awaiting clearance?

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