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So … Has the Tax Credit Closing Deadline Been Extended? Maybe.

I’m reading this morning that the amendment was approved: The Senate has amended a bill to give homebuyers who were under contract on a home purchase by April 30 an additional three months to close the deal and claim the federal homebuyer tax credit. … I read this on the OpenCongress site – Dems Lose Big on Unemployment Insurance/Tax Extenders Vote After two weeks of solid debate — and two weeks of people having their unemployment insurance cut off because of congressional inaction — the Senate this morning took their first test vote on passing H.R. 4213 , the “American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010.” … As you know, Senator Reid has been supporting an amendment to H.R. 4213 that would extend the deadline for closing for the homebuyer tax credit from June 30 to September 30. … But also yesterday, earlier in the day before Senator Reid’s amendment, the Senate voted against a motion that would move closer to ending debate on the bill and passing it.

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