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Housing and tech in Charlottesville

That is the total economic impact that the high tech industry had on the Charlottesville/Central Virginia region – not too shabby for a Metropolitan Statistical Area with a population of about 175k.Chemical Weapons Research Analyst, Journeyman All-Source Analyst “(working as a member of a government-contractor team supporting the Counter-IED Targeting Program (CITP) ……  Combine the government contractors, government jobs – both military and civilian at the current National Grounds Intelligence Center and soon-to-be Rivanna Station Military Base, with Charlottesville’s growing high-tech presence:“Charlottesville is not the biggest player in the high-technology sector in this region,” Kinsey said.  “The big interest is starting and encouraging smaller businesses, not necessarily looking for a big, high-tech industry in Charlottesville.”The study, compiled by the Center for Public Policy at Virginia Commonwealth University with data from 2006, showed the Charlottesville region ranks fifth among 10 Metropolitan Statistical Areas for technology employment with 11,690 full-time and part-time jobs and fourth in number of high-technology firms with 635 companies reported….  However – one of the downsides (there are others) is this – a lot of those seeking to relocate to the area need to temper their expectations.The impact of these jobs is felt throughout our economy and makes its way to housing:The total economic impact from market transactions is comprised of three phases: direct, indirect, and induced economic effects.

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