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If NAR spends so much money on PR

Why don’t more people know how to spell “Realtor”?It’s great that people make their way to my blog when searching for Charlottesville Realtors -But – for those who arrive (thank you for reading) searching for “realator” or “realitor” – it’s “Realtor.”Re·al·tor (rÄ“’É™l-tÉ™r, -tôr’) A service mark used for a real-estate agent affiliated with the National Association of Realtors.  This service mark often occurs in print in lowercase and in the plural as well: “The economic aftershocks are already rippling through the area’s non-defense businesses, from realtors to pizzerias” (New York Times).  Source.I’ve always thought it was two syllables.  Who knew it was three?

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