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Inventory reduction sale in Charlottesville

What we are seeing also is that buyers (and sellers) are finally re-recognizing the intrinsic value of housing.And the email from the reader -I suspect you might not be terribly eager to pick a fight with your own Chal/Albemarle realtor colleagues, but I just read the new essay on by Judy Savage and it’s a doozy….  It is each Realtor’s job to advise his client of the state of the market, the risks involved and help them determine whether the purchase or sale is right for them.I see the letter as a call to action for Realtors to do what we should have been doing all along, but now with more urgency….  To do otherwise accomplishes three things -1) Doesn’t sell the house2) Makes the Realtor seem ineffective3) Contributes to the glut of inventory4) Doesn’t sell the houseSetting asking prices for too many used to be an exercise of asking the sellers what they wanted to ask, rather than doing legitimate statistical market analyses….  The seller says that he would rather let the property go to foreclosure than take out a loan to cover the difference between the selling price and what he owes.When sellers are setting market value based on what they owe rather than what the market will bear – What is the Realtor to do?* AC – Thank you for the email.

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