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Thank you, Ken Boyd

For bringing the annexation debate to the forefront.Bribing the City of Charlottesville clearly made sense when the agreement was made; it’s time to revisit the debate.The agreement ended Charlottesville’s annexation of County land and was approved by County voters in a referendum on May 18, 1982….  Charlottesville will receive $13.6 million in revenue sharing funds from the County in FY2009.  …Slutzky encouraged his fellow Supervisors to stop discussing the legalities until a closed session could be held, but made the observation that revenue sharing means the County has an effective tax rate (this year) of 58 cents per $100 of assessed property….  For some background – The Daily Progress, Cville Tomorrow and Jennifer’s blog.We share many things now – merging would hopefully simplify the political process and remove some of the divisiveness that currently exists.

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