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Lawrence Yun, thank you for speaking the truth about too many Realtors

How many understand the importance of repeat and referral business and not just a single transaction?Given that about ½ million REALTORS® have less than 5 years of experience, sloppiness in some transactions no doubt exists….  Every attempt by state and local REALTOR® associations to further raise professional standards gets knocked down by government regulators as hindering competition.  NAR has made efforts to strengthen professional standards and the code of ethics but has been careful, knowing that the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission will be breathing down our neck….  Which is worse for the consumer (and the profession) – lots of unprepared Realtors waving their state licenses about pretending to be “professionals” or a higher barrier of entry to the profession, so that it might actually be regarded as a profession and not a hobby?Locally, over the past twelve months, in the Charlottesville area, 374 Realtors have had more than five transactions.

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