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Light week of blogging

I’m recovering from a weekend of coaching soccer – seven games in a weekend is exhausting (for coaches and players), as were the emotional ups and downs – winning one game on penalty kicks only to lose the next on penalty kicks.  I’ve rarely been more proud of my team than I was this weekend.  Coaching is a phenomenal commitment – of time, finances and psyche – but the rewards are such that the joy found on and off the field are immeasurable.This week I have several client meetings as well as the normal (typically stressful) preparations for Thanksgiving.  Two interesting stories on foreclosures – Transparent and Moving Past Push PinsThe early halcyon days of Sesame Street – however did that generation recover from the trauma caused by Oscar, who was “irredeemably miserable — hypersensitive, sarcastic, misanthropic.”Revealing Peoples’ Predictability with Google TrendsLocal Search – the arms race defined and exploredMajor in English if you want.I hate when I can’t make time to write.

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