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Politics and the housing market

Spurred in part by Jonathan Miller’s post today, this comment on a story I wrote at the Bloodhound, and a premonition that next year is going to bring a 15-25% reduction in the number of Realtors locally, one wonders – will the Realtor lobby be as powerful in next year’s elections?…  Where will the balance shift?”Like it or not, the NAR has leverage, they have infrastructure, and they have what it takes – our money – to get things accomplished politically.”This is NAR’s core competency….  Realtor organizations have won some significant victories for homeowners in recent years.From the Virginia Public Access Project’s homepage:VIRGINIA puts no limits on campaign contributions.Anything goes, as long as candidates disclose their donors….  In this battle, it will be important to see which industries will benefit from the real estate market shift and how they will apply their enhanced positions.

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