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Putting real estate competition in perspective

Why not go after the health care industry, which has a far greater impact on more Americans?When I buy a house, I know how much the fees are going to be….  When I went to physical therapy and asked whether I could pay cash, the woman was flabbergasted; she stammered that they had “something called a ‘self-pay'” option, but nobody used it.Why not advocate for transparency and competition in health care?…  Health care – not so much.Quick math:If there are 6 million home sales (which is mighty optimistic), and there are 303 million Americans – who is harmed more?Update 11 October 2007: Jay has good review of the site’s merits and some of its inherent shortcomings.  Ardell at RCG weighs in as well.real/diaBlog has good commentary as well that makes me wonder – in light of the following numbers locally regarding the “agent bubble” – if 500 agents haven’t done a single transaction all year – isn’t part of competition that many will fail?

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