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Questions for today’s radio show

I received this email yesterday afternoon as a heads-up for today’s show (tune in to WNRN at 11!): · Are you reliant on increasing sales figures(value) to be successful?· Are you worried about a recession?· Do we or do we not have housing surplus?· Things that help/hurt the sales economy?· Have lenders (bank, mortgage) gotten tighter in this area too?· People say we have a strong ‘service sector’.  How does the low unemployment rate and many unfilled service jobs affect real estate sales and satisfaction of new residents?· Many folks refer to the University as why our area will not suffer an economic recession, or at least just a minor bump if the rest of the nation suffers greatly.  Please explain.· Can’t the University (and our local businesses) suffer if students and their families have less credit and tighter overall budgets?

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