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Apparently, an iPad Changes Everything (in Real Estate)

For my (potential) seller clients, being able to have a conversation about the listing process with the iPad as the facilitator will be simple and functional. … Now taking recommendations on best apps and practices. :)” Within a day, I realized that everything had changed: It's ironic that now my Macbook Pro seems to have become the weak link b/t my Droid Pro -> iPad -> Macbook productivity cycle. Top 5 Observations: 1 – I’ll be able to leave the Macbook at home.

iPad apps For those of you interested, these are some of the first apps I have installed: – Google Mobile – Must have – – Dropbox – Must have – Evernote – Docusign – Must have – if I could mark up Contracts on this, it would be nearly perfect. … I can’t get morning print delivery where I live, so this makes my annual subscription worthwhile. – NYTimes – BBC – Tweetdeck – Twitter – Friendly Plus (for Facebook) – Flud – Flipboard – CNN – CNBC – Angry Birds – Smurfs – Star Walk

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