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Realtors gaming the MLS

This Realtor wanted to be able to withdraw a listing and put it back on so that it both got a new MLS number (to appear “new”) and so that the Days on Market number would reset – ostensibly because that’s what the clients wanted.  MLS rules prevent this, but there is always “another way.”When I questioned why – she said that other agents do it, and while she agrees it’s not right, if they’re going to do it, she wants to as well.  Rather than report the offenders to the MLS so that the data could be accurate, she would rather game the system.Does this type of gaming the system work?  Only on those who don’t have competent buyers’ agents who will track the history of the listing.Now – contrast this attitude with that of previously-mentioned Roost:”The MLS is really the definitive hub … (its) core mission is the integrity of the data,” he said, which is why Roost decided to operate via these relationships in each market rather than rely on brokers to send listings feeds to the site.There’s a reason that Realtors are losing their competitive edge.

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