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Talkin’ about Raising the Bar

If you’re curious or interested in the ongoing conversation about raising the standards of professionalism within the real estate industry, tune in to Blog Talk Radio tomorrow to hear the first in what promises to be a brilliant series of conversations (myself excluded). Raise the Bar on Blog Talk Radio . … From ethics to contract-writing to putting photos in the MLS, there are no real (enforced or enforceable) standards of professionalism in the real estate profession. (One of the many ways that Nest Real Estate Group is different ) 201002081023.jpg

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This Should be Fun – Raising the Bar

The prevailing theme that I took away from the experience was “for the most part, we agree that the bar DOES need to be raised in real estate…but how, my what means, and by whom?” Finally, we at Professional One have decided to continue the conversation in this format and have created “Raise the Bar” radio , which you can find at . We plan to kick the show off with our inaugural broadcast in early February (details to follow on Twitter), and the following guests have already graciously agreed to appear on the show:

Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike Raising the Bar is another reason that we at Nest have such high standards for our agents .

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