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Rumors and expectations of the Realtors’ demise were greatly exaggerated

As predicted on 3 January of this year:The numbers of Realtors in the Charlottesville area is certain to decline in 2008….  Yesterday was the deadline to renew Realtor memberships and 98% of Charlottesville area Realtors chose to re-up for another year….  That number’s accurate – out of just over 1100 Realtors, only 27 have decided to hang up their memberships.Nationally, membership is flat.Locally, these are a few questions to ask your Realtor before you hire him.  If you are a buyer or seller, ask yourself – when choosing someone to represent your best interests, would you want someone who does it only a couple times a year, or someone who lives and breathes it every day?The Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) proves itself again.More on the impact of the slowing market and part time Realtors here (from 2006).This was my first lead-in sentence:“in a sign of either delusion or confidence that the market will rebound, about 98% of Charlottesville Realtors decided to re-up their membership …”But I chose a less blustery opening.

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