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Showing in Waynesboro

I’ve spent the past few days immersed in the Waynesboro, Virginia real estate market; the differences between it and the Charlottesville market are frequently striking.It’s not an apple-to-apples comparison, but … In Charlottesville/Albemarle, using the Charlottesville MLS, there are currently 1181 residential properties on the market and 295 under contract…. A few observations – – The Realtors and sellers tend to all be very friendly.- There are far fewer vacant houses on the market in Waynesboro than in Charlottesville.- Showings are much easier to set up in Charlottesville – all we typically do is call the owner and leave a message with the time we expect to arrive. Contrast that with the Waynesboro experience – many of the houses seem to request 24-hour notice for showings and almost all properties seem to have “Call the listing office” as the showing instructions.

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