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Stupid is as stupid does

Recounting a tale from the trenches in the Charlottesville Realtor/real estate world …Another Realtor was showing buyers a development in Charlottesville and an agent was onsite holding an open house.  As the buyers looked around, the Buyer’s Agent (BA) and the sellers’ agent (SA) got to talking.BA: This road in front of the development: It goes into a neighborhood, correct?SA: Yes, but you don’t want to take them that way.  It looks much better the way you came in.BA: I understand, but I want them to see what’s around this property, going both ways.SA: If you go back the way you came, you can show them how close the grocery store is.BA: Thanks, but I can do both.SA: You should really go out this way – it’s much better.When the Buyers and the Buyers’ Agent got in the car – the wife asked, “Which way are we leaving?”…  Then, I’ll show you how close this is to grocery store, restaurant, etc.” Turns out, the wife had heard the Realtors’ conversation.1 – Your Buyer Agent is supposed to look out for your best interests.2 – Had this been a Dual Agency situation, do you think the buyers would have been more or less likely to see the “other” areas?3 – Realtors don’t have an obligation to assess an area’s safety level, but they do have an obligation to be the “source of the source” – provide references by which the clients can determine for themselves.4 – Recognize two things – not all Realtors are focused solely on “making the sale”; but some are.

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