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Real Estate Brokers can Stop Learning After 15 Years

The Board shall waive the broker education requirement for any applicant for a brokers license who has, for more than 15 years, owned a real estate brokerage firm and during that time, maintained an active license as a real estate salesperson. … If time allowed I’d go to the General Assembly and wander the hallways making inquiries of those who have already voted for this bill and lobby those in the House who have yet to vote.

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Social Media Explained and Expanded

| View | Upload your own For example – I can be contacted here in a variety of ways; below are a couple of the many. (the closest thing to a resume I have to offer) Jim Duncan's friendfeed

…A few of the topics we plan to discuss are – -owners being upside-down when trying sell their house -being uncomfortable buying in these times, even though it may be the best time around -how much should a seller lower the sales price?

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