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UVA Match Day is March 20 2008

If you don’t match, then you have two days to “scramble” into a program, ANY program that wishes to take you.UVA has a Guide to Match Day.I wrote about Match Day last year, and developed a page specifically for UVA medical residents, and a search specific to UVA residents’ general needs.What’s a Resident generally looking for?- At least three bedrooms- At least two bathrooms- Under $275k (some go higher, depending on their background, family support, etc)- No more than twenty minutes from the UVA Medical Center.What’s it like to be a buyer in the Charlottesville market?Get started on learning the market here…. Every year, new Residents match in Charlottesville; every year some rotate out to the next phase of the lives after completing their Residency. To get acclimated, look at this map; once you eliminate at least two of the areas, your search will be much more efficient. You may find yourself going outside the confines of Charlottesville and Albemarle.View Larger MapThere is significant uncertainty in the Charlottesville market now; but – for those who are ready, willing and able to buy, there are significant opportunities in the market.

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