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Welcome new readers

This week starts the first of what may be extended targeted advertising in the Charlottesville online space.The Charlottesville real estate market is changing every day; this site provides unbiased opinions and market analysis as well as coverage of local politics that affect real estate, emerging technology trends, market trends and more. The coverage here is decidedly focused on Charlottesville and Central Virginia – as all real estate is local; frequently national trends will be referenced, but typically within the context of how it impacts the local market.Questions from readers are welcomed and always answered, frequently in the form of a post (my thanks in advance for the story ideas!).To sign up for email alerts, click here, and please note that it’s a two-step process. Check your email for the verification link, click it and you’ll receive updates whenever a new story is posted…. If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.Here is a review of this site from the C-Ville Weekly.

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