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What happens after the baby boomers? Take Two

I noted it here a little while ago. The CharlAlbemarle area has very little housing that is suitable (mostly single-level living, Universal Design, (and here) conveniently located near efficient public transport) for the 55+ crowd.  One of the only single-family developments (condos excluded) designed for retiring baby boomers is at least 20 minutes north of the City – with no public transportation at all.All housing has a life-cycle….  While the houses may not suit today’s lifestyles – open floorplans and kitchens, master suites, at least 2300 finished square feet – they have that other major criterion – Location.What will the landscape look like in thirty or forty years when these now new developments (I am reluctant to call some of these new incarnations “neighborhoods” just yet) start to experience their own turnover?…  This seems to me to be two incompatible trends poised to collide at some point.Lonnie commented on Cvillenews:As an unrelated thread, I’d love to see someone start asking what will happen to our area when all these retired Baby-boomers either die or can’t maintain these large homes as they age?

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