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What’s a builder to do?

The following is from a homeowner in Albemarle County -“I recently learned that after being in my home for only 3 years, that I have a major leak in the water line running from the street meter to my house….  I, like many of my neighbors, will never purchase another home from this company.A point to note is that the contractor who did all of this company’s plumbing in the neighborhood, is no longer in business.My home owner’s insurance is picking up the biggest chunk of the cost….  (ed note: bolding mine)My thoughts – I will be surprised if this homeowner receives a response from the builder.- My understanding is that this will be forever on the homeowner’s CLUE report.- A builder should not be expected to come back and service all defects – that’s why homeowners’ insurance exists.- What price integrity?  At what point should the company simply cut its losses with the customer, and potentially the entire development?- What is the most grievous error – the fault of the water line, or the fact that the company strung the homeowner along?- Should the builder be concerned about this affecting his reputation?- In speaking with the homeowner, the money was (and is) an issue, but the fact that he wouldn’t stand behind his work was a greater one.I’ll offer my thoughts in the comments a bit later.

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