City of Charlottesville to Launch GIS Website

The City of Charlottesville will on Tuesday launch their new Geographical Information Services (GIS) website, joining Louisa, Albemarle, Nelson, Greene (which requires Internet Explorer) and Fluvanna in offering GIS to the public.

In my practice, I use GIS at least three times a week and probably recommend its use to my clients at least as many times – investigating properties’ histories, zoning, adjacent properties (but really, that’s up to the buyer) .. if Charlottesville’s GIS solution is accurate, it’s going to make neighborhood fiscal analysis‘ practical.

Until they launch it, I’ll reserve judgement other than to say, it’s about time.

Update: Here’s the City of Charlottesville’s new GIS site.

I still say, it’s about time.

Maybe after they launch the GIS, they’ll move this ridiculous legalese disclaimer to the bottom of the page.

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  • Chris Bruce

    It’s about time indeed! Now if only C-ville and the other counties would make their data freely downloadable like Albemarle then we’d really be getting somewhere.

    • Jim Duncan

      Looks like it’s exportable to excel …