Will I Fit in (Politically, in this Neighborhood)?

Politically, Will I fit in? Will I like my neighbors? Will they like me? Will we get along? As a Realtor, I can help with some of these, and others I can’t.

When you move into a new area, buy a new home, you’re not just buying the house. You’re buying your neighbors – today, tomorrow, next month …

Driving around neighborhoods observing political signs is one way to help determine whether you might “fit in” in a neighborhood … many, many of my clients are doing that right now. Some might feel more comfortable in a Romney-dominated neighborhood, some in an Obama-heavy neighborhood, others prefer no signs, some a good mix (50-50 is nice in my mind) …

I’m looking forward to after the election so I can update this post from 2011 in which I looked at some of the voting trends in Charlottesville and Albemarle … I wonder what’s changed.

City of Charlottesville
Charlottesville, VA Neighborhood Statistics - Realtors Property Resource.jpg

County of Albemarle
Albemarle County Neighborhood Information - Realtors Property Resource

But really, I just want the election to be over. Who isn’t?

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