The Proposed Solution for 29 North

29 is changing. What’s that mean?

- Lots of money is going to be spent.

- 29 is going to be more challenging for a number of years.

- Hopefully things will be better and more efficient when they’re finished.

- Page 6 of this PDF shows the roads that will touched by the $203 millionHillsdale, Berkmar, 29 North, Rio, Hydraulic and the Best Buy ramp. Plus funding for Amtrak to DC (which I think is super-cool).

- The segmentation of Charlottesville – Albemarle will continue (more).

K. Burnell Evans reports that: (read the whole thing)

Albemarle County supervisors decided Tuesday to back a $203-million plan to address congestion and mobility on Albemarle County’s main artery.

Two hundred and three million dollars. To fix 29 North.


If you’re curious to learn more:

Sean Tubbs at Charlottesville Tomorrow has an excellent recap of yesterday’s meeting and where we are now.

- Charlottesville Tomorrow

- Download the PDF of the final proposed plan.

- Read the thoughts at the Free Enterprise Forum.

- Southern Environmental Law Center

And the PEC’s perspective (sketches are fun):

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