Nest’s New Construction Market Report – 1st Half 2015

Charlottesville New Construction Sales by Price Range

  Short analysis: - New construction in the Charlottesville MSA is up year over year. - Albemarle is dominating new construction, with the City of Charlottesville third behind Louisa County - Median price for a paper listing (unbuilt/proposed new construction - of which there are currently 146) listing in the Charlottesville MLS for a single family home in Albemarle County is $532K. - Same as above for the City of Charlottesville is $384K -- keep in mind Read More

Timbercreek Market on Preston is Open. And it’s Awesome

Timbercreek Market in Charlottesville

I stopped into Timbercreek Market on Preston Avenue today for lunch (and talked to Will Richey about the place) and all I have to say is that I've found a fantastic new lunch spot, and a place to get fresh produce, great cheeses, and darn near any kind of meat available.  Clever bathroom signage is a nice touch. Local places like this help make Charlottesville a great, cool, and delicious place to live.  Once Blue Ridge Cyclery and Beer Run's Kardinal Beer Hall & Garden open, I can see spending a bit of time there.  Photos after Read More

Little Free Libraries and House Prices


  I was thinking the other day that there must be some sort of data set that demonstrates a correlation between the presence of these little libraries and house prices. Little Free Libraries seem to be popping up all over the Charlottesville area. Studies have shown that libraries are beneficial to their environment and surroundings… I'm a bit curious as to how these little libraries impact neighborhoods, other than generating tremendous goodwill and happiness. Read More