Date Archives October 2006

Brand loyalty and quality customer service

The Genius (named Eric, very helpful) told him that the unit was out of warranty and he could either have the battery replaced for about $60, look for a third party battery replacement or – if he were to purchase a new iPod, recycle the old one, and get ten percent off!… Those who see the new technologies as tools which they may use to offer better service will be able to survive and thrive, perhaps more successfully than ever before.

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Real estate carnival 10-30-2006

Some agents probably are.- Nubricks shows us that there is opportunity beyond the borders of the USA, and exposes (to me) a market other than our own and ChIndia.- Greg defines the “Divorced Commission,” writing more eloquently than most where the industry must go.- Mike is seeking Maverick nominations.- What can we learn from the California market?… (MLS)- Finding the story beyond the numbers.- The Difference between Good Realtors and Bad Agents.- Pat presents his thoughts on the real estate blogging community.- Dan Green offers a defense of interest-only mortgages.- Finally, Brian warns us to be vigilant on behalf of our clients.Update: I neglected to include sellsius’ great post about the kerfluffle.

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