Treehugger doesn’t like Charlottesville’s water conservation efforts

The region’s drought has not gotten as bad as it was in 2002. In fact, restrictions have been loosened a little bit.

From a post yesterday noting our efforts in 2002:

Promote bottled water and use paper plates. While we applaud anyone taking up the old “Act Local” mantra, we would counsel them to not forget its preceding phrase – “Think Global”. Even bottled water comes from somewhere, and the water and other resources that go into making plastic bottles and paper plates are likely to far outweigh the amount wasted from table service of tap water. Let’s just hope that things have progressed in the years since this article was written.

So – have we we progressed? We finally have a plan for a 50-year water supply plan (that, with all the red tape, might be implemented in the next 50 years). Awareness has been raised, but have we changed our mindsets?

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  1. Lauren Groblewski October 21, 2007 at 21:00

    Here in Athens, Ga. there are similar complaints. The drought conditions are historically bad, as they are in many states right now, and yet I hear many people brushing off the warnings and restrictions.
    Those that do take it seriosuly do not seem to understand the overall impact of waste and excess. While it may help in the short term, replacing tap water with bottled and using disposable plates instead of washing dishes only shifts the problem, doesn’t eliminate it.
    We tend to think our resources are unlimited, and our consumerism only affects us right now, but sadly that is not true.