Tuesday links 10-30-2007

Close the UVA library to the public. Please don’t infringe on the virgin ears of students. Damn public.

The library’s first concern should be, not to preserve public openness at all costs, but to preserve a comfortable, welcoming environment to students and faculty. The academic needs of the University community should take priority over the physical urges of the Charlottesville community.

Brad and Lockhart sitting in a tree … The real esate/blogging landscape is changing every day.

Foreclosure maps from the Wall Street Journal

Homegain charges less:

Today, HomeGain announced that, due to current and forecasted real estate market conditions, we have reduced the referral fee for AgentEvaluator to 27% for all regular members and to 22% for our Platinum and Gold Club members. This reduction equates to 10 and 12 percent savings, respectively,for HomeGain real estate agents who close a transaction as a result of a match with a HomeGain consumer.

Most “energy conservation” initiatives fall short because they don’t address dysfunctional human settlement patterns, the root cause of excess consumption.

Ask 500 People. (h/t Mashable)

A driving tour of the Old Trail development in Crozet:

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