Big donations in Albemarle politics

The news came out yesterday regarding the largest donations to local political races.

There surely may have been more critical elections locally, but I can’t remember one.

Financially, one can’t argue that the monetary donations help the candidates – but what is the potential risk for those getting big donations, perception-wise?

In Albemarle, the candidates have raised at least $150,000 – for Board of Supervisors seats, salaries for which area minute fraction of the amount raised. Local politics should not be subject to partisan politics – but they are divided by the type of donors. 

This is true – for the amount of time and effort the Supervisors put in, they’re underpaid.

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  1. G October 31, 2007 at 21:38

    It’s pretty obvious:

    Developers (& their PACS) are paying for A LOT. And the reason needs little explanation.