Why write for the Bloodhound?

To answer a question I have received a couple of times –

Writing at The Bloodhound Blog represents an opportunity to write and speak to a larger audience than I do now. The audience for, and focus of RealCentralVA is generally contained to the Charlottesville and Central Virginia real estate market. The Bloodhound Blog is an extraordinarily well-written and read real estate blog with a large national reputation, self described as a “National real estate marketing and technology weblog written by, for and about real estate professionals.”

All the arguments about the accuracy of Technorati (a search engine for blogs) aside, the Bloodhound is ranked as one of the “Top 10K” blogs (versus the still-not-too-shabby 45k ranking of RealCentralVA when there are at least 70 million blogs).  It’s also a chance to have my writing and my thoughts critiqued by a much broader audience and hone my thinking, writing and reasoning in the process so as to serve my clients better.

It’s an opportunity to educate and effect changes on an industry level, and for what will be the subject of a later post – a chance to lead the leaders of the industry.

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