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“It’s hard to believe anything can be too ugly for Pantops.” – from today’s C-Ville.

Unfortunately there’s more to the story.What a shame that this is one of the reasons that the Montessori School’s design was denied:

“…How energy efficient a building is isn’t in our (the ARB) criteria. It’s unfortunate, but we’ve been charged by the supervisors to deal with the aesthetics of the entrance corridor.”

Why not make the entrance reflect Charlottesville’s greener values?

Note to those not familiar with the area – Pantops is an entrance corridor to the Charlottesville area (in blue), highlighting the boundaries between the City of Charlottesville and the surrounding County of Albemarle. Both localities have green initiatives. For example, this is from one of the County’s public hearings on their Green Building and Sustainability initiatives:

As the Comprehensive Plan is a guide, staff believes this language will work to further establish the County’s commitment to green building and identify priorities in the context of long-range planning and community development.

Why not LEED (sorry for the play on words – it was too easy) the way and show visitors that our area embraces and support green buildings and green lifestyles?

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*a detailed explanation of this map will come in a post later this week

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  1. J. Thomas November 10, 2007 at 01:25

    Airport Motel?

    Anyone see that gem lately on 29 North?

    We should worry about blight and dilapidated old buildings before new ones.