The NAR Gateway inches out of the box

Read it in today’s Inman before it goes behind the pay wall.

“We think that there is a demand by practitioners wanting to have all the data they can, and having a database that has all properties throughout the country and is as deep and as rich as we can make it is only going to enhance the practitioner, whether they use it in their own community or they use it in looking up something for a relative in another state … to help them understand what’s going on in that different area.”

Consumers and Realtors want the same thing – every property, and its history in one place.

Here is one of the keys –

The Gateway, unlike MLSs, would not allow the offer of compensation and cooperation, he said, “at least not initially.”

Buyers agents would have to negotiate their commissions independent of what is being offered through the MLS. How ’bout that? (hint: Divorced Commissions)

Disclaimer: I happen to sit on the reference Group and will be at another meeting on Monday.

Update 11/29/2007: 1000Watt Blog and Michael Wurzer weigh in.

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  1. TimeshareSalesGuru November 28, 2007 at 14:08

    “Consumers and Realtors want the same thing – every property, and its history in one place. ”

    While that may be what everyone wants, it will come at a price. How many MLS systems are in the US? And who will pay for the programming changes that will be needed to make them all “shake hands”?

    We have recently added fractional and timeshare properties on our MLS and it is not a “one click” process. Multiply the number of MLS’s times the number of different software programs used to support the data and the complexity of the solution grows.

    Perhaps, start from scratch with an all new nationwide system?

  2. Ernie Tabel November 28, 2007 at 21:09

    TimeshareSalesGuru describes one of the major issues that has been grappling with for years. Over nine hundred MLSs, all different, supporting differing ranges of data, all attempting to feed into one all-inclusive searchable database.

    There’s been some standarardization among some groupings of MLSs over the last few years (RETS?), but not near enough to solve the issue. It’s been quite a task, and so far they haven’t quite hit that nail as squarely on the head as they’d like, either.

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