Friday links – 07 December 2007

Even more construction at UVA – this time a cancer center. The University insulates our real estate market to a certain degree. But – what will happen to the four existing locations that are being consolidated?

Maptimizer – taking walkscore to the corporate level:

The tool uses some pretty complex math to calculate the best office location based on all the weighted employee locations. We can also tell you what restaurants & shops are near each of your office choices, and what the traffic is like.

I bought the lake, now you drain it for me! This person redefines “gall.”

The Cary woman bought the land for $12,500 last year at a public auction of property with delinquent taxes. Now she is suing to try to force the city of Raleigh or Wake County to buy the soggy land from her or drain it.

“It’s extremely valuable to me,” Wallace said, “dry.”

All you wanted to know but didn’t want to (or know to) ask about the “New Hope” (bailout) Plan and Nouriel Roubini gives his analysis.

The Not-So-Big Houses in Charlottesville. This builder “gets it.”

Excellent news for Community Land Trusts

In a survey of community land trusts nationwide, the National CLT Network found that just 2 CLT mortgages had gone into foreclosure in 2007. That is a foreclosure rate of 0.10%, a remarkably low figure in today’s climate.

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  1. Aaron December 8, 2007 at 16:50

    I imagine they’ll be given over to other hospital functions or to additional lab/research space, depending on where in the University they’re located.