Real estate radio in Charlottesville on Sunday

I’m going to be on WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-up Call on Sunday, 20 January to discuss the Charlottesville economy, and the real estate market in particular. One thing I like (and fear) about live radio is the immediacy – the thinking-on-the-fly aspect. There’s no spell-checking, no proof-reading, just honest dialogue.

What questions do you have, or what topics would you like to have covered? Last time, Rich nailed me – we’re still not technically in a “declining market,” but we may be close (I’m working on such a story).

As a real estate buyer or seller – do you see or perceive a difference between someone paying to have a real estate show or being invited to be on a show?

I’ve been on the radio a couple of times before – in September of 2007, May of 2007, and May of 2006, and it’s always fun.

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