Sorry, you can’t use that fireplace

Is this the type of thing sellers would have to disclose?

§ 15.2-922.2. Regulating wood burning fireplaces in certain localities.

In any locality with a population density of greater than 1,000 persons per square mile, the locality may by ordinance regulate the use of wood burning fireplaces in any portion of the locality where such use may constitute a nuisance to adjacent residences. Such ordinance shall not apply to any dwelling that does not have an adequate source of heat without burning wood.

See the bill at Richmond Sunlight.


The “hot spots” represent areas that appear to be subject to the proposed legislation. Consider also that the data is from the 2000 Census and Virginia’s population has increased by more than 630,000 citizens since then.

“Virginia is increasingly becoming an urban state. The combined population living in Northern Virginia, Richmond and Tidewater is now at 5.3 million, or roughly seven out of 10 Virginians,” Spar said.

There is a reason they say that no one is safe when the General Assembly is in session.

Link to the map at GeoCommons.

Huge thanks to Bill at GeoCommons for helping me with this.

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  1. Florida commercial real estate January 31, 2008 at 09:12

    I had never hear of this before but understand the importance of it. But what a shame for those who have the fireplaces and unable to use them. I guess they can have them changed to gas right!
    I live in Florida and we rarely have a cold day but many homes have fireplaces and when people burn fires in fireplaces everyone has there nose up and think it’s a forrest fire which we have often.

  2. jocelyn January 31, 2008 at 09:40

    I’d rather they ban the use of scented laundry products in appliances which vent outside. Or perhaps require laundry vent scrubbers. That pollution affects my ability to enjoy my home far more than woodsmoke.


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