Daily Progress has a commuter’s update

It’s popped up in my feedreader the past two days. I wonder if there’s a feed just for the commuter information.

So roll down your window, let the wind blow back your hair and enjoy the 63-degree weather while we have it.

Here’s the rundown so far this morning:

Charlottesville-Albemarle Urban Area: No incidents reported.

I-64 from Richmond to Staunton: No incidents reported.

U.S. 250 from Richmond to Afton: No incidents reported.

U.S. 29 from Lovingston to Madison: No incidents reported.

U.S. 33 from Stanardsville to Louisa: No incidents reported.

U.S. 15 from Madison to Buckingham: No incidents reported.

Route 20 from Orange to Scottsville: No incidents reported.

I wonder also what the source is for the data (maybe 511?), and whether anyone actually commutes from Lovingston to Madison.

Update 2/7/2008: From an email, a reminder of two things – this thing is nearly useless unless it has its own RSS feed. Second, the Daily Progress doesn’t even offer RSS feeds (that I’m aware of). The only reason I and many, many others even read the Daily Progress is because a local resident has scraped their sites and made RSS feeds that have likely dramatically increased the reach of this newspaper. I’d forgotten that they don’t serve their own feeds. Get with it, DP!

Here is the commuter update for today.

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