The 10 Rules to blog by

Real estate bloggers, brokers, those in real estate associations considering “regulating” real estate blogs … you should all read this article and watch this course.

1. Check your facts.
2. Avoid virtual vendettas.
3. Obey the law.
4. Weigh promises.
5. Reveal secrets selectively.
6. Consider what you copy.
7. Learn recording limits.
8. Don’t abuse anonymity.
9. Shun conflicts of interest.
10. Seek legal advice.

All of these seem to be basic common sense, something that is often lost in one’s zeal to publish or lack of education, thought, understanding and/or foresight.

Hat tip to Darren Rowse on Twitter.

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  1. Louisville KY Real Estate February 11, 2008 at 10:00

    Great tips, I actually just read another post about the Realtors Code of Ethics and how it affects your blog. You should check it out.


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