Date Archives April 2008

The Solution to Sprawl

As I said on Inman’s blog yesterday : I firmly believe, to my core, that this (higher gas prices) is going to drive human settlement and development patterns toward properties that are close to “stuff that is within walking distance.” Buyers who buy today and are within a mile of grocery/coffee/gym – even if in the suburbs – will be grateful and thankful for their decision in three to four years.

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Transparent politics in Virginia

( Darn it )Money in Politics in Virginia Virginia is lucky and privileged to have access to some fantastic resources for investigating local and state-wide politics and politicians. … Combine VPAP’s work with Richmond Sunlight for insight into the Virginia General Assembly and Charlottesville Tomorrow for growth and politics information focused on Charlottesville and Albemarle and you have much of what you need to be an informed, involved and responsible citizen.

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Where’s Charlottesville in the Case-Shiller index?

And today, Tuesday, there’s this : ‘Yale economist Robert Shiller, who developed one of the widely followed gauges of home prices, said in a speech Tuesday that home prices, which have already fallen about 15 percent from their peak in 2006, may fall further than the 30 percent drop experienced during the Great Depression of the 1930s, so far the biggest decline in home prices in the country. “Basically we are in uncharted territory,” Shiller said, noting that the 85 percent rise in home prices from 1997 to 2006 after adjusting for inflation had represented the biggest housing boom in U.S. history, so the fall in prices could be just as historic.’

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