Economic Summit in Charlottesville this September

I wonder how I can score a ticket to this event at UVA’s Miller Center

Courtesy of C-Ville’s blog:

For three days, these financial leaders, who represent three quarters of worldwide economic activity, will tackle the issues involved with Sovereign Wealth Funds, global financial stability, changes in the world economic power and influence, the credit crunch and the future of the new financial architecture.

From UVa’s site

This unique group represents three-quarters of worldwide economic activity, reaching beyond traditional G7 meetings to include perspectives from emerging markets and developing economies on issues including:

• Sovereign wealth funds;

• Global financial stability and economic governance;

• Challenges posed by changes in the centers of world economic power and influence;

• The subprime crisis and credit crunch; and (bolding mine)

• The future of the new financial architecture.

This should be fun.

While CNBC is here, maybe Diana Olick can check in on the “million dollar house” that she highlighted last year (it has since been withdrawn from the market).

Update 09 June 2008: Shot down. It’s invitation only.

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