Charlottesville is Healthy

Actually, the seventh-healthiest in the Country. But we knew that, right? *

So says the AARP:

Charlottesville regularly makes it onto best-places lists for its scenery, culture, and history. Thomas Jefferson’s father was one of its founders; James Madison and James Monroe lived here, too. But what really sets the place apart is its strong focus on medicine. It ranks fourth among U.S. metropolitan areas in the number of physicians per capita, and it also makes the top ten for family-practice doctors, oncologists, and cardiologists. The most obvious reason is the University of Virginia’s medical school and 572-bed teaching hospital.

In addition, thanks to ACCT:

(Charlottesville is) a bicycle friendly community at the Bronze level, but we have much more we could do to get up to the higher levels (hopefully Platinum eventually!) and become a world class bicycling city, a stated goal of the Mayor of Charlottesville at our Bike Week Press Conference.

* This ranking seems to consider only the City of Charlottesville, whereas most of the rankings we receive consider Charlottesville to be either Charlottesville/Albemarle or the Charlottesville region.

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