If You’re Not Reading Charlottesville Tomorrow

You’re missing out on the most comprehensive reporting and analysis about growth and development news that affects buyers, sellers, potential buyers and sellers, residents, renters – citizens darn it in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area.

Just this week –

Charlottesville Airport’s runway extension (or “driveway“)

Commission recommends approval for new Whole Foods site plan

St. Anne’s Belfield’s massive expansion *

State rail plan includes proposal for passenger service through Charlottesville (Daily Progress’ related editorial) – “Despite the obvious need for better mass transportation, taxpayers and legislators still are uncertain about how much public money should go to rail. “

B&B / apartment complex deferred; neighbors object to housing density

“One could argue that this is an appropriate place for increased density,” Walden wrote, citing the project’s proximity to the University and the South Lawn project. “A large portion of this site is currently a parking lot; therefore this development will be a significant improvement to the Jefferson Park Avenue Corridor,” Walden wrote. “The proposed density and scale of development are not out of character with new development along this corridor.”

…In order to mitigate the traffic impacts, the applicant had offered to provide bikes for the Inn’s guests, reduce rent for residents who choose not to own a car, as well as a dedicated car to be used in a sharing program. The applicant has also offered to provide valets to park cars so that guests do not travel down Gildersleeve Wood neighborhood. Walden said she was not sure how enforceable these mitigation steps would be, but staff’s recommendation for approval of the special use permit was conditional on their implementation.

Crozet commuter service may get reexamined

There is a tremendous amount of information out there to be digested and processed. If more citizens participated in these conversations – on- and off-line – we would all likely be better off.

*My alma mater, Class of ’94

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