Buyers – Do your Due Diligence about School Districts

Call the local School Board office to confirm the school district in which you think the house you are buying is located. Muchto my chagrin – don’t necessarily trust the information in MLS; often times Realtors will “clone” the last listing without verifying whether a property has been redistricted since the last time it sold. The MLS is a guide, and until we Realtors recognize that it’s more than that, it will remain a guide.

The consequences can be dire.

The essence of the plaintiffs’ complaint was that they specifically told their Weichert Realtor that they wanted to live in the Montville section of Montville Township, rather than in either of the other two sections of the Township, that she mistakenly assured them that a particular house was located in their desired section when in fact it was located in the Towaco section, and that they bought the house in November 2001 based on her mistaken representation.

The plaintiffs’ contended that the house was worth less money because it was located in the Towaco section of the Township, and that their son was unable to go to a particular elementary school that was only available to residents of the Montville section.

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