Election Day Traffic in Charlottesville area should be heavy

From C-Ville’s blog

The numbers are impressive considering the total population of both areas. Charlottesville has 80 percent of its eligible population registered to vote. Albemarle County has an even bigger part, with an estimated 95 percent of their eligible population registered.

“That’s based on the last census estimates from 2005,” said county registrar Jake Washburne, “but [our population] has to be higher. It’d be nice if it were exactly accurate, but it is our closest estimate.”

According to the State Board of Elections, Charlottesville has been one of the areas of greatest growth in newly registered voters as well. As of October 4, Charlottesville had registered 2,889 new voters in 2008 alone, an increase of 10.7 percent, which is the fifth highest growth of the state’s 134 localities. Albemarle has seen a 7.3 percent increase in registered voters this year.

Combine that with the voting throwdown/gauntlet issued by Mayor Dave Norris and we should have a busy day in the Charlottesville area on 4 November. (Yay! The campaign for 2012 begins in just a couple of weeks!

If for some reason you don’t know who is running, start here. (I’d forgotten that the Green Party has national candidates)

Also, here are 10 web tools for the election season.

Now, if everyone who was going to vote would just educate themselves a little bit first …

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